Protect your Home – MUST KNOW tips

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Your goal is to keep your home and your belongings safe and secure. These must-know tips will make a world of difference to your peace of mind.

Install security cameras around the house to see what’s happening inside and outside of your home. The latest smart security cameras will connect with your devices and are very easy to use.

Set up a visual security alarm. A security alarm on the outside of your house can keep intruders away.

Add to your gate and fence security. A garden gate should preferably be made of metal and securely constructed -also install 2 different locks on your gates.

Forget about leaving spare keys under a pot in the front garden and think where you place your keys. Intruders often use magnets to “fish” for house and car keys through a letterbox so don’t leave keys near the front door.

When you’re away, make sure it looks like you’re still home. Intruders won’t target a seemingly occupied house!

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